Meet the Team

Photo of Sarah Wexler

Sarah Wexler, Founder and Veterinary Nurse (RVN)
Sarah Wexler qualified as a registered veterinary nurse in 2012 from AVT, a private veterinary nursing college in Australia. Having previously completed many hours of clinical experience in the field she knew veterinary nursing was her calling.

In 2015, she found herself in Nepal during the earthquake disaster and was overwhelmed by the demand for (and lack of) veterinary care the earthquake left in its wake. Sarah founded Go Pawesome to be able to provide veterinary care to animals across Asia through strategically placed volunteer programs. She hopes that through these programs she can provide veterinary care to the animals not only in Asia, but eventually, around the globe.

Sarah also believes it is super important to educate tourists in the best ways to support cruelty free and ethical business practices when traveling overseas. Often tourists unknowingly participate in animal exploitation and cruelty by supporting a business that only cares about making money, and not the welfare of the animals under their care.

Sarah considers herself an advocate for animal welfare, a prominent member of the vegan community and a world traveler. She has more then 15 years and 35 countries tucked under her belt. Ask her for advice on “the best ofs” for almost any country and she’ll give you the answer of an experienced traveler!

Learn more about Sarah’s past accomplishments and the veterinary projects she has participated in during her career.

Micole Noddle - Website Developer and Go PAWesome Webmaster

Micole Noddle, Website Developer and Go Pawesome Webmaster
I met Sarah through the ever shrinking world of social media, introduced through mutual friends. Her life story inspired me and I love the mission of Go Pawesome; it’s such a beautiful and amazing thing. I want to see Go Pawesome grow and thrive. My skills as a web developer gives Sarah the online presence required to carry out the mission of Go Pawesome.

My love for animals began when I was a child. I have had pets my entire life and have always loved and felt drawn to animals. I think they are beautiful and majestic creatures who live peacefully and love unconditionally. They don’t have a voice, they can’t speak up for themselves, and they need us to stand up for them and to protect their rights. Through my skills as a web developer I want to help be that voice.

When I am not coding or pushing pixels, you will find me at an Indie-Alternative concert, in the yoga studio or playing with my bull/Shepard/whippet mix dog Marley…born under a cement plant with her 11 siblings and brought to a rescue facility by a construction worker.