Our Story

Mission Statement: To positively impact the life for animals in underserved communities while offering volunteers a unique life experience.

Go Pawesome was founded in 2015 by Australian veterinary nurse Sarah Wexler. She was inspired by the warm and unconditional love the often sick (and always homeless) dogs and cats of Asia gave, and the lack of veterinary care they received. Sarah’s goal is to provide these loving animals with a higher quality of life through Pawesome’s veterinary programs.
Our programs are designed to partner with local shelters and their vets, the authorities, and the broader community to provide veterinary provisions in the form of; medical and financial support, important supplies and skilled volunteers. The projects we coordinate aid in efforts for things such as spay and neuter, rabies vaccinations, mange treatment, parasite control, wound care, and sexually transmitted disease care.

Each of our programs offer volunteers a unique chance to experience the joy of providing care to animals in need, the challenge of spending time in a foreign country and the opportunity to gain valuable life skills.

We visit and screen all shelters before implementing a program. This allows for a healthier understanding of the needs of the individual shelter and of the logistics involved with bringing international volunteers to the location.

If you know of a rescue/shelter or town/community in need of veterinary assistance please contact us.

Why Volunteer with Pawesome?

Perhaps the most powerful reason to volunteer is to make a positive difference in the lives of the animals, but you also gain profound personal benefits. There is a huge sense of accomplishment in using your skills and experience to overcome unique and interesting challenges, and there is value in breaking from the routine. Experiencing new environments can be intriguing, compelling and exotic. When you join a Pawesome volunteer project we present you with a fantastic and unique opportunity to experience something really special and to give love and care to truly amazing animals.

Your volunteering will make a positive impact by supporting a locally run animal shelter or a local community caring for street animals and you will experience the joy of bonding with, and the pure fulfilment of, helping animals. It’s a special experience and very character building. You will meet different people from around the world and get to immerse yourself in a completely different culture.

Our programs are open to vets, vet nurses, students or those interested in a career working with animals. We invite you to join us on our next veterinary project.

Together lets create a world where animals living under human influence live happier and healthier lives through access to regular veterinary care.

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