Past Projects

Below is a summary of our Pawesome projects and the veterinary treatments we delivered throughout 2017.

Thailand: October/November 2017
•556 dogs and cats were sterilized/de-sexed and vaccinated
•16 lifesaving emergency surgeries were performed
•1 caesarian was performed and 6 puppies were safety delivered

The Philippines: Jan/Feb 2017
•62 dogs were sterilized/de-sexed (a couple stitch ups & a tail amputation got thrown in too).
•30 dogs received a Bravecto chew to help combat their demodex mange and tick infestations.
•8 dogs received daily ivermectin and medicated skin baths for their demodex mange and secondary skin concerns.
•50+ dogs received flea and tick spot ons/collars.
•100+ dogs received grooming care including nail trims, haircuts and flea and tick baths.
•20+ dogs were treated daily for ongoing chronic eye and ear problems.
•100+ dogs where given doxycycline every day for a whole month to fight against tick borne disease.
•40+ dogs that were very underweight were monitored closely and feed extra food until noticeable weight gain occurred.
•240+ dogs received vitamin supplements and worming medications.
•25+ dogs received critical hospitalization care including IV fluids and careful monitoring.
•8 dogs were treated with chemotherapy for sexually transmitted venereal tumours (TVT).
•10 dogs and 1 cat received laser therapy from the Activet Laser.
•10 cats were treated ongoing for 3 weeks for upper respiratory conditions (cat flu).
•12 cats received flea and tick spot on and worming medications.
•8 goats were looked after by our team of volunteers including giving fresh water and vitamin injections (and when required more intensive care).
•And 250+ animals were feed every day, kennels were scrubbed, poop was picked up, leaves were removed by the handful and so much love was given!


Downtime with the elephants, Thailand 2017

Volunteers tackle the challenge of feeding time

One of our patients, Philippines 2017