Volunteer Stories

Please take a moment to read about the experiences past volunteers have had with Sarah and also to read what some of the people who have worked with Sarah on past veterinary projects have to say about what she’s like to work with.

During my 2016 trip to the Philippines I really wanted to experience something different so I decided to join the Go PAWesome veterinary project and volunteered with Sarah at the dog sanctuary. Working with Sarah was easy because she made sure that we were comfortable with the dogs and more importantly that they were comfortable with us. She taught me useful dog handling techniques. Often we shadowed Sarah and I learned about different conditions the dogs had and the medication necessary to treat each one. As I grew more comfortable with the dogs I was given my own tasks. It was incredible to see how calmly Sarah treated these dogs; even the ones with an open wound! It was astonishing to watch and was even more amazing to see how much these dogs trusted her and truly felt safe. For those less adventurous (like me), there are plenty of young dogs to play with! If you’re an animal lover I would definitely recommend joining the Go PAWesome’s volunteer program! The experience was so rewarding!
Photo of Inna Sidorova Volunteer Go PawesomeInna Sidorova, Volunteer @ Dogs Mountain, Philippines
I wanted to do some volunteer work after talking to a mutual friend who put me in touch with Sarah and her Go PAWesome projects. The project I volunteered with was based in the Philippines and we had the pleasure of helping out in so many ways. As a animal lover without professional veterinary skills Sarah and the staff made me feel very safe and completely welcome and taught me some really valuable skills that actually translate into day to day life. I would totally recommend the Go PAWesome volunteer projects to anyone! The professionalism displayed towards the volunteers and the love and care shown to the animals can only be achieved with a dedicated and passionate team. A big thank you to all who made this trip so rewarding!

Django Atkinson, Volunteer @ Dogs Mountain, Philippines
I met Sarah for the first time in 2016 at Dogs Mountain. This is testimony not only to her work but also her personal character. She is enthusiastic to say the least, bags of it actually, passionate, very professional, and always show’s so much love, compassion and dedication in turning around the health for all of the residents here at Dogs Mountain. During her time here she overcame bureaucratic obstacles, sleepless nights (with over 200 dogs) and moments of lows. I cannot thank her enough for all her efforts and hope to see her back at Dogs Mountain very soon!
Daniel Grainger, Volunteer @ Dogs Mountain, Philippines
I first met Sarah at ENP, Thailand in 2014 and we would meet again; when I would volunteer with her at Dogs Mountain in the Philippines. Sarah is extremely hard working, organized and focused – and although her patience may be tested at times, she manages to put lots of things into place and successfully treat the patients and create organization for the sanctuary. Sarah is passionate about helping animals and has a lot of experience working with animals in Asia, and also in very challenging situations. She knows what she is doing and will share her knowledge with others who wish to work with her and develop their skills. Sarah is a extremely professional person and will get the best out of a team, even in sometimes very hard circumstances.
Stephanie Greatorex, Volunteer @ Dogs Mountain, Philippines and Elephant Nature Park, Thailand
Sarah and I met in 2014 at ENP in Thailand. She became a friend, a mentor and someone I aspire to be like in my future. I was grateful to have someone teach me and challenge me, with a genuine interest in my success. She taught me to find alternative treatments due to the limited resources available and valuable lessons regarding animal handling. She is approachable and always ready to help.
I am now a veterinary student and often ask for her advice. Sarah is a great team leader and listener. Self confidence in her work makes her a great person to work for and alongside. She is thorough and dedicated to all animals under her care. Sarah’s adventurous personality and her helping hand create a great environment for anyone wanting to work with or learn more about animals. Sarah is an ambassador for animal welfare. Anyone offered the opportunity to work with her should feel privileged. If you don’t know Sarah, it’s about time you introduce yourself!
Photo of Isabel Beveridge , Volunteer at Elephant Nature Park, ThailandIsabel Beveridge , Volunteer @ Elephant Nature Park, Thailand
I had the fortune of working with Sarah between late 2013 and early 2015 at ENP in Northern Thailand. In Sarah’s position as vet nurse in the small animal clinic Sarah showed an impressive work ethic and great people skills, along with a calm compassionate approach to her patients. Outside work hours, Sarah is a lot of fun and has been a reliable and honest friend. I admire her efforts to make a difference and would highly recommend getting involved and helping with the veterinary volunteer projects she organises.
Ryan Godden , Volunteer @ Elephant Nature Park, Thailand
I met Sarah while I was in Australia studying English, we soon became housemates and good friends. We both dreamed in helping animals around the world and then together we began to work in an incredible animal sanctuary in Thailand called Elephant Nature Park. I was the dog volunteer coordinator and Sarah was the head of the clinic for the medical side. We worked together for more than a year. We became an incredible team were communication, collaboration, solidarity and support to each other were the base of our job. I deeply admire her professionalism, knowledge, organization, and most importantly dedication and passion for helping animals. We remain close friends and I always wish the best for her as I know she definitely does make this world better.
Photo of Carolina Trivino , Friend and Work College at Elephant Nature Park, ThailandCarolina Trivino , Friend and Work College @ Elephant Nature Park, Thailand
I was lucky enough to have met Sarah during our time together at ENP, Thailand. Sarah is an amazing person, funny, organized, caring and devoted. How much of her time she has spent helping animals all over the world is one in a million. At times, Sarah can be full on, but her feet are firmly on the ground, and she is always getting things done. Sarah has the ability to explain things in an easy and understandable way, so if you have questions, ask! She is also one of the main reasons that I am now vegan. Don’t worry if you’re not – she won’t give you a hard time, but she is convincing in her arguments, about veganism, her work with animals or anything else. If you get the opportunity to work with her – DO IT! The way she lives her life is inspirational and I am very grateful I got to meet her, work with her and call her one of my friends!
Sabrina-Volunteer elephant nature parkSabrina Piltz , Friend and Work College @ Elephant Nature Park, Thailand
I have been very pleased to have Sarah work with us at ENP. Sarah came as a volunteer, but, in a short time and some observation, it was clear what an asset she was to our dog project. Sarah worked in our clinic for 1.5 years and when her adventure took her elsewhere she was truly missed. Most always cheerful, and always professional, Sarah is a self-starter and eager to improve her skill sets daily, beyond the definition of a vet nurse. She clearly loves working with animals, and is always punctual. Sarah is highly organized and always 3 steps ahead. In situations of multiple problems to manage, she is clear-headed and able to prioritize according to need. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her, will not only be more than satisfied with the experience but, depart in friendship.
Photo of Darrick Thomson , Founder at Elephant Nature Park, ThailandDarrick Thomson , Founder @ Elephant Nature Park, Thailand