Go PAWesome veterinary field projects are always in a safe and secure environment. Because of this, it’s not a requirement for you to be vaccinated or carry medications in order for you to participate. However, no matter what precautions we take to ensure the safety of you, our team and everyone around us, we think you should be aware of the following:
Mosquitoes: carry diseases and prevention from bites is always the best method. Mosquito nets are provided for sleeping and we recommend wearing long sleeves and using bug spray.
Rabies & Tetanus: While you would be extremely unlucky to encounter either of these two in our working environments – we have to disclose, Asia has both.
Food/Water: We source all food fresh and from local markets. It’s always 100% vegetarian. Purified water is available for drinking.
This all being said: It is ultimately your responsibility to get the appropriate vaccines/medications. Please check with your primary doctor or local health department for recommendations for each particular location. You may need to get your vaccines several weeks prior to travel so please plan ahead. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is another great source for traveler’s health recommendations.